Prasa will head to court next month for an eviction order hearing in an attempt to move people occupying train tracks on the central line.

According to an EWN report, the rail agency served notices to people who built homes on the railway line in May.

But months later they're still there.

The central line is the subject of a presidential promise, with the President pledging to get the key commuter artery back up and running. But the impromptu settlement, dubbed Lockdown, was throwing a spanner in the works.

Thousands of people illegally occupying part of the central line said that they were not moving unless they got better land from government.

Lawyers are lobbying for an earlier date as Prasa has a presidential deadline to restore the central line. Prasa has indicated that alternative parcels of land were being secured from the national Department of Public Works & Infrastructure and that the Human Settlement Department was in the process of negotiating the purchase of additional parcels of land from private landowners.

That land would need to be serviced, the department said.

Before that happened, no eviction would be able to be effected, meaning further delays.

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