In a stinging rebuke of the ‘deadlocked’ JSC over the impeachment of Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe, the Daily Maverick’s Marianne Thamm suggests some JSC member have lost their ethical compasses.

As she points out, Hlophe’s suspension was set to be decided on 4 June by a ‘small’ JSC of 14 (minus National Assembly and NCOP members) but the final verdict has been postponed to 30 July because of a ‘deadlock’.

Just how those who make up the JSC deliberating on the findings of the three-member tribunal chaired by Judge Joop Labuschagne could ‘not reach consensus’ is mind-boggling, though not entirely unexpected, says Thamm’s report.

The JSC has for years waded through treacle in holding judges to account, and particularly Hlophe.

What the postponement indicates is that not all JSC members believe Hlophe is guilty of gross misconduct and should be suspended ahead of a parliamentary vote on his potential removal from office.

Both ‘sides’ have now been requested to write up their dissenting rulings, which should flush out those members of the JSC who have come out to bat for Hlophe... and put them on record.

These competing rulings will then be voted on, which will again expose where the rifts in the JSC lie and what legal argument will be forwarded that could possibly justify Hlophe’s continued tenure.

Concludes Thamm: Hlophe’s protectors are finally in the spotlight and how they justify his remaining on the Bench will also expose the depth of capture of the slothlike JSC.

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