A news agency is taking the Legal Practice Council (LPC) to court for failing to act against a lawyer it alleges is a ‘Lottery crook’.

In an editorial, GroundUp claims the LPC failed its duty in a case involving GroundUp and attorney Lesley Ramulifho.

It notes that, having run many reports exposing Ramulifho’s activities, the lawyer responded by lodging a court application ‘to try to get us to take down articles mentioning his name’.

However, claims the editorial, Ramulifho used forged documents to back his argument.

The editorial includes what it says is a fake FNB bank statement that Ramulifho included in his application.

The editorial adds: 'We complained about this and other forgeries to the Gauteng LPC,’ but ‘astoundingly, the LPC’s investigating committee dismissed our complaint, without sending it to a disciplinary hearing’.

A committee ruled in Ramulifho’s favour, saying GroundUp had not proved its case.

The editorial adds: 'The LPC has an internal appeal mechanism established by law. When we tried to appeal, the LPC told us that this was not possible because an appeal tribunal has yet to be established, two years after its inception.This left us with no recourse other than to ask the Gauteng High Court to review the LPC’s decision.'

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