Heiress of the Yazbek millions and family matriarch Juliana Yazbek has been ordered to support her son Luke (45) – whom she fired as manager of the family farms – to the tune of R11 080 a month.

A Daily Dispatch report says the trust relationship between Luke and his mother and siblings broke down after he challenged the final will of his father, attorney Mark Yazbek, in which he leaves his entire R26m estate to his widow.

This includes the family farms, which Luke had managed since 2001 and which he had expected to inherit in line with an earlier will drafted by Yazbek.

But once Luke challenged the will, his mother said she no longer trusted him with her possessions, including the farms in Komga and all the valuable livestock and other assets on them.

Fired as the farm manager, Luke was unemployed from the end of November pending his challenge to his dismissal in the CCMA.

Eastern Cape High Court (Makhanda) Judge Murray Lowe ordered Juliana to pay Luke a monthly amount of R11 080 to see to his needs.

Lowe said given that the estate was worth in the vicinity of R26m, it could not be argued that his mother could not afford to maintain her son, who was without an income from the end of last month.

‘The parental duty of support ends when the child becomes self-supporting. This revives, however, if the child again ceases to be self-supporting for good reason.’

He ordered that the monthly payments to Luke continue until the outcome of his challenge to his father’s will.

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